We have our own cars

  • Each car is strictly subject to regular service, ongoing maintenance during the trip and the entire fleet does not exceed 3 years of age

Securing cargo and security

  • Each load is insured, securely secured and inspected both during loading and during the journey


  • for more valuable shipments, we are also able to offer you advantageous additional shipment insurance

  • To do this, we need to know the exact value of the shipment and other details that the customer does not solve for normal transport

SOLO MEGA lowdeck

  • We provide larger shipments with our SOLO MEGA lowdeck vehicles

  • Special bulk transport JUST IN TIME

  • Express transport throughout the EU and SOLO MEGA LOWDECK

  • Collection service and regular two-way lines to the EU / UK


Volvo FH 26t

Cargo area 9,4x2,49x3m (23,4m2 / 70,2m3)

Load capacity 16t

Volume: 23 pallets

Volvo FH 18t

Cargo area 9,4x2,49x3m (23,4m2 / 70,2m3)

Load capacity 9t

Volume: 23 pallets

Cargo area 4.9x2.2x2.52m (10.7m2 / 27.1m3)

Load capacity 1.2t
Volume: 10 pallets

Renault Master

Renault Master box

Cargo area 3.7x2.0x1.8m (7.4m2 / 13.3m3)

Load capacity 1.4t
Volume: 5 pallets

VW Crafter

Loading area 5,05x2,22x2,55m (11,2m2 / 28,5m3)

Load capacity 1.4t
Volume: 10 pallets