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All our transport is governed by the terms of the international CMR convention. That is why our mutual cooperation is important, and that is why below are some tips for you on how you can help us to ensure that your shipment is delivered exactly according to the ideas of you and your clients.

Special transport JUST IN TIME

  • According to the customer at a pre-agreed fixed term. This JIT philosophy leads to a reduction in customer costs.

Express shipments throughout Europe

  • we are also able to deliver to more distant destinations within 24 hours

  • if necessary, we deploy 2 drivers.

SOLO MEGA lowdeck

  • We provide larger shipments with our SOLO MEGA lowdeck vehicles.


  • Collection service to France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain.

  • Weekly two-way scheduled flights to these destinations

Empty Road


  • We pay attention to the protection of the environment, all our cars meet the highest emission standard EURO 6

  • Plus regular service, maintenance and age of our cars for up to 3 years

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